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Mango Hills Garden Café started in February 8, 2008.  Nestled along the slopes and hills of the City of San Pedro where mango trees abound, Mango Hills is a venue sprawled on a hill of mango trees and its origin traces back to the time when events are held in an open field.  Giant bamboos perched on a hilltop with a man-made waterfall, this events place sits on a hill where promises of unfailing love are made, an engaging serene place for romantic proposals of  “Will You Marry me” and ever after “I do’s”.

Mango Hills is 2 mangoes shaped into a heart.  A green and a yellow.  A ripe and a sour. The ripe mangoes are symbol of sweetness for each other. The sweetest of all fruit and of all love.  And yet there is no other known culture on Earth except in the Philippines where the sour green mango, dip with salty very tiny shrimps (“bagoong” in Filipino) is a soothing gift of Filipino men to heal his maiden’s heart.  This is an open secret closest to the heart and romance with Filipinas.  Green becomes yellow.  Sour becomes sweet.  Romantic love  is sweet and sour like the mangoes’ green and yellow.  Majical colors of love, the Filipino way!

Today as it reaches ten (10) years  of service with the heart, to make ways for “love till death do us part”, we always aspire a touch of the “Wedding at Cana” held on a hill at Galilee which inspires us to hold sincerely affordable wedding events full of abundance and spirit of love in many ways.  Not just for wedding events, Mango Hills offers  a hill of love for peace, reconciliation, and recollection in the midst of tranquillity of forest and woodlands near Tagaytay and near Manila.

Truly, Mango Hills has become a testament of couples love, with God at the center always, and will remain so in His time.

Love our food, love our place, love our price, and love our service.

“God makes all things beautiful”…..…and He makes all things beautiful at Mango Hills!

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